About Corline

Corline develops, manufactures and markets heparin based solutions to improve kidney transplantation, cell therapies and applications in the evolving field of regenerative medicine. 

Using the same heparin technology platform - CHC™ - Corline also provides best-in-class surface coatings, making medical device implants blood and biocompatible. 

CEO Statement

Motivated by the prospect of better patient health, Corline focuses on pro-healing solutions in areas with significant unmet clinical needs.

We are proud to say that for a multitude of regenerative medicine applications we are starting to see strong support by scientific data that the Corline heparin technology has protective effects against unwanted immune responses associated with transplantation and cell therapies, and that it is also beneficial for the engraftment response. It is clear that patient recovery may be improved.

In addition to our pharmaceutical development pipeline, with Renaparin® for the use in kidney transplantation, Cytoparin™ for cell therapy, and the new and exciting in vivo projects done at our subisdiary Corline Pharma at the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub, we partner with medical device companies to improve blood and biocompatibility of medical device implants.

Corline’s commitment to true innovation is fueled by our highly skilled people and an active network of frontline research professionals. We hope that our high-striving commitment to “solution-finding” is visible throughout our website.

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Corline!

Henrik Nittmar
Chief Executive Officer

Company History

Corline was founded in 1991 by three former employees of the Swedish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Pharmacia with the goal to commercialize an extra corporeal blood pump. The blood pump used a unique and proprietary coating technology that later became the basis of the Corline’s offering to the medical device industry – the Corline Heparin Surface, CHS™. During 1997-2005 Corline delivered more than 100,000 coronary stents coated with CHS™.

As result of a research partnership with Uppsala University a new line of business was added in 2005, where heparin based compounds were used to treat biological products for applications within regenerative medicine.

Through this partnership Corline further developed its technology base to allow heparin to be immobilized onto living cells and the surface of tissues without compromising viability, and ultimately improving transplant outcome through enhanced biocompatibility. Due to its exclusive value proposition, Corline is set to be a leader in the surface modification sector.


Henrik Nittmar, CEO

Henrik Nittmar, CEO of Corline since 2008, has a background in Technology and Innovation Management. He is founding partner of four high-tech companies and serves as Non-Executive Board Member of PiezoMotor Uppsala AB, a worldwide supplier of high-tech micro motors, and Senzime AB, a developer of point-of-care blood glucose monitoring equipment. Henrik holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology, as well as a PhD in Innovation Management from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Jessica Magnusson, Regulatory and Quality Assurance Manager

Jessica has over 15 years’ experience in the Medical Device Industry where she has worked both in Production, Development
and Quality Assurance. As Corline’s Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Manager, Jessica supports development projects
from A to Z and has a key role in project and product delivery. Jessica holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology Engineering
from Uppsala University.

Fredrik Carlsson, Research Manager

Fredrik Carlsson is an immunology scholar from the Uppsala University and has researched human innate immunity for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in pre-clinical animal and in-vitro models related to blood coagulation and complement system activation. During several years, Fredrik was an affiliate of the Nordic Islet Center, which is certified to use Islet of Langerhans in clinical transplantation to cure diabetes type 1 patients. He earned his PhD in Experimental Immunology from the Uppsala University in 2007.

Board of Directors

Adam Dahlberg, Chairman

Adam Dahlberg is a Swedish Investor and Manager overlooking a diverse portfolio of shareholdings. Adam is also a member of the Crafoord family, most known for the establishment of the Swedish Medical Device company Gambro AB. Among others, he has invested in Qlik Technologies, Inc., a high-growth software company in Business Intelligence (Market Cap more than $2.5bn, NASDAQ: QLIK), PiezoMotor Uppsala AB, a game-changing technology company (micro motors) and Senzime AB, a company developing biosensors and instruments for on-line monitoring of for example blood glucose (AktieTorget: SEZI)

Lars Sunnanväder, Non-Executive Member

Lars Sunnanväder is a serial entrepreneur of Swedish origin, focusing in the Medical Device and Biotech industry. Since 1982 he was founding CEO and Chairman of Jostra AG, a company that grew to be market leader in Cardiac Surgery in Europe (sold in 2003 to Getinge AB). During his career, he successfully founded, grew and exited a number of other ventures, such as Joka Kathetertechnik GmbH (Intensive Care, sold in 1993 to Gambro AB), Jomed AG (Interventional Cardiology, IPO in 2000, SWX) or Jolife AB (Resuscitation, sold in 2011 to Physio-Control, Inc.). Today Lars is CEO of Bentley Innomed GmbH and Director of the LS Medcap Holding Company. He is also an investing Non-Executive for many Life Sciences companies, of preference start-ups and SMEs, such as Jotec AG, Joline GmbH& Co.KG and Biosafe Group SA.

Kerstin Valinder Strinnholm, Non-Executive Member

Kerstin Valinder Strinnholm has more than 30 years’ experience in the Pharma industry, initially focussing on sales and marketing, more recently in strategic and business development. After some 15 years in AstraZeneca, responsible for Business Strategy & Licensing for the Gastro Intestinal Division, Kerstin switched to Nycomed in 1999 as EVP of Corporate Development. Nycomed’s growth strategy relied on acquisitions and in licensing of complementary technologies and products, hence Kerstin was instrumental to value building of the company. In 2011, Takeda incorporated Nycomed for $14bn. Kerstin is now heading her own consultancy business, focussing on pharmaceutical companies.

Gunilla Ekström, Non-Executive Member

Gunilla Ekström has extensive experience of managing advanced pre-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical  development projects and organizations. Having worked some 30 years in the pharma industry, her background includes companies such as Astra Zeneca, where she was Global Product Director for Analgesia, Orexo (Head of Preclinical R&D), and Karolinska Development where she assumed the role of VP Operations. In addition Gunilla serves on the board of a number of companies in the pharmaceutical industry: SP Process Development AB, Inahalation Sciences Sweden AB, Emplicure AB and NovaSAID AB. 


Henrik Krook, Non-Executive Member

Henrik Krook has a broad Life Science perspective and a solid network gained from over 15 years of leader roles in settings varying from University Hospital to Big Pharma and Biotech. He has direct experience in general management, business development, clinical trial management, commercialization and strategy formulation from Roche, Novartis, Medivir and Alexion. Henrik is currently in the transition from being General Manager for Alexion Nordics and Baltics to heading his own consultancy business to support Nordic Life Science companies with their development. Henrik holds a Master of Science in Pharmacy and a PhD in Immunology from Uppsala University as well as an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Scientific Advisory Board

Gunnar Tufveson, Department of Surgical Sciences, Transplantation Surgery, Uppsala University Hospital

Prof. Tufveson is a clinically active surgeon in the fields of kidney transplantation and transplantation of islets to patients with diabetes type 1. He conducts research in both fields and is the author or co-author of more than 250 peer-review papers.